Civil Rights Screening #1 2015

Crime News Comments Off on Civil Rights Screening #1 2015

Civil Rights Screenings at the Pearl Theatre

711 by 711 Precious Places Group (South Central and West Philadelphia). (11 minutes)  The Sydney King School of Dance was one of several neighborhood-based black dance schools founded in Philadelphia during the 1940s, 50s, and early 60s.  Through interviews with King’s students, this video underscores the role the Sydney King School of Dance played in supporting its community while shaping the direction of American dance and performance. 
The Story of a Neighborhood: The Square at 58th Street by Shoatz United for Education (West Philadelphia). (10 minutes) The Square, a community garden at 58th and Locust, is a tribute to Gladys Shoatz and her belief in education as a fundamental civic value. Residents of the neighborhood talk about the history of this part of West Philadelphia, their commitment to each other and vision for their community.

Renaissance on Sacred Ground Renaissance on Sacred Ground Produced collaboratively by the alumni of Ile Ife/the Arthur Hall Afro American Dance Ensemble and young people from the Village of Arts and Humanities (North Philadelphia, 21minutes) 
Renaissance on Sacred Ground is a documentary about the healing power of African cultural art forms, including music and dance, to transform the lives



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