Fifty feet sidewalk as a playful and a stress free experience

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FIGMENT NYC Governor’s Island, New York June 6 – Sept 27, From 11am to 6pm. Opening June 6-7   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE   New York City (June 6, Sept 27 2015) Figment NYC presents “Street Scraper”, an art installation by Carlo Sampietro. The work will be display on Governors Island June 6, Sept 27 during the Figment NYC event.  Street Scraper is an artistic reinterpretation of a mini golf course, using objects that rise from New York City’s sidewalks.  “Today, sidewalks are seen as an unsafe place, full of traffic, noise and crime and people are afraid of it.  Street Scraper brings back the notion of the street as a safe social melting pot. ”.  Italian born artist Carlo Sampietro present Street Scraper, a combination of symbolic props and unique objects that are a part of our daily city life, including two blue police barricades, a “Metro” and “Village Voice” newspaper box, a fire hydrant, a yellow fetch barrel, and a round manhole cover with a pole with parking sign regulations. These elements seem to emerge from a concrete sidewalk.  Spectators would be able to play mini-golf by shooting the ball through the two blue police barricades, passing above and



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