ITC California Tribal Law Enforcement Professional Development Training

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Inter-Tribal Council of California, Inc. presents the  California Tribal Law Enforcement Professional Development Training To provide a unique tribal law enforcement opportunity to familiarize attendees with a historical foundation of knowledge concerning the share-jurisdictional issues that have developed while policing California’s Indian Country.  In addition to sharing information on jurisdictional issues, the event is designed to demonstrate the progress that tribal governments have achieved in the process of establishing viable options to bring greater levels of public safety to Tribal communities.  Attendees will learn about PL 280, deputation of Tribal police, BIA’s Special Law Enforcement Commission program, and the impact of drugs and violence in Indian Country.   TARGET AUDIENCE: tribal leaders, tribal law enforcement   GEOGRAPHIC TARGET – All California Tribes with or without Tribal Law Enforcement.   FAQs Tell me about the Sycuan Tribe? Above all else, Sycuan is a people. Incredibly, Sycuan ancestors have lived in the San Diego area for nearly 12,000 years. Currently, there are 130 Sycuan tribal members and they proudly pass down many time-honored traditions to keep their heritage and customs alive. Also at the forefront of establishing Sycuan’s identity is sovereignty. As a Native American Indian tribe, Sycuan is an independent, sovereign



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