Tactical Patrol Officer Certification

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Patrol officers “LEAD THE WAY” in every sense of the word in today‚Äôs never ending battle against the criminal element. A patrol officers competency level in everything from their community policing efforts, to cultural diversity, to ultimately having to engage in a life threatening deadly force encounter, must be at the very highest levels to be able to earn the communities respect and support.

The training level and skill sets that many patrol officers possess today are far more advanced than generations past. This evolution is due to the ever increasing number of threats to our schools, the workplace, and our communities at large. Professional, forward thinking police agencies realize this fact, and have started a movement to ensure they can respond swiftly and effectively to a myriad of possibilities by providing select members of their patrol force with advanced training and equipment that was once strictly reserved for highly trained tactical teams. This forward operating strategy has now become standard operating procedure in contemporary law enforcement organizations and is a crucial element of a well-crafted response to life threatening critical incidents.

The response problem of generations past was that tactical teams can take too long to arrive in



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